Puhlmann Cine - Schneider-Kreuznach Xenon FF-Primes

All Xenon FF Prime lenses are designed for 4K resolution (4096 × 2304 pixels) and cover the full 44 mm image circle that’s usable on Canon 5D Mark II, Mark III and Nikon D800 cameras. 

Each compact lens offers all new optical and mechanical design for outstanding operation and performance as well as rugged reliability. The circular 14-blade aperture is specially engineered for a smooth and consistent bokeh. The precision constant volume focusing design ensures that breathing is minimized. And with a 300-degree barrel rotation, the manual focus markings offer accuracy and repeatability. Additionally all lenses are color-matched for consistency.

Engineered for compatibility with industry standard cine-style accessories like follow focus rigs and matte boxes, the Xenon FF Primes feature identical external dimensions and positioning of focus and gear rings in each focal length. Operators will appreciate using the oversized focus and distance scales that are readable on both sides of the lens. To accommodate filters and other accessories, each lens has a 100 mm front diameter and a standard 95 mm thread.

Key features

  • Suitable for use with DSLR and cine-style cameras
  • Cover full frame sensors
  • Designed for 4K resolution
  • 14 iris blades for an outstanding Bokeh
  • Rugged mechanics which use standard follow focus systems and other common cine- and
  • video accessories 
  • Uniform dimensions and performance throughout the set
  • Color-matched
  • Minimized breathing
  • Spread and calibrated focus scales for easy and reliable sharpness adjustment
  • Canon EF-, Nikon F- or PL-mount
  • M95 filter thread

Xenon FF-Prime T 2.4 / 18mm, PL-Mount, meter - NEW - (delivery December 2016)

Euro 5.498,00 (zzgl. Mwst.)


Xenon FF-Prime T2.1 / 25mm, PL-Mount, meter

Euro 4.320,00 (zzgl. Mwst.)


Xenon FF-Prime T2.1 / 35mm, PL-Mount, meter

Euro 2.998,00 (zzgl. Mwst.)


Xenon FF-Prime T2.1 / 50mm, PL-Mount, meter

Euro 2.998,00 (zzgl. Mwst.)


Xenon FF-Prime T2.1 / 75mm, PL-Mount, meter

Euro 2.998,00 (zzgl. Mwst.)


Xenon FF-Prime T2.1 / 100mm, PL-Mount, meter

Euro 2.998,00 (zzgl. Mwst.)


Xenon FF-Prime T 2.1 / 135mm, PL-Mount, meter - NEW -

Price on requet


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Puhlmann Cine - Schneider-Kreuznach Xenon FF-Primes

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