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Anton Bauer

Puhlmann Cine GmbH - Anton Bauer

Anton/Bauer brings the field proven technology of the Logic Series Batteries into the world of film and digital cinema production with the CINE VCLX series of batteries and chargers.


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Puhlmann Cine GmbH - Bebob

For Camcorders from DSLR to Digital Cinematographie

15 Years of Experience in Powering Production Equipment

Using High-End Sanyo Cells exclusively


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Puhlmann Cine GmbH - Blueshape

BLUESHAPE makes a wide range of batteries designed for the V-Lock mounting system, the most popular standard in the video industry. Employing the world’s best industrial quality Li-Ion cells, BLUESHAPE is proud to provide an array of products with the highest energy density available on the market today and suitable for a wide range of video production equipment, from light use to high demand cameras.


Virtus - Virtus

Power your camera, your headlight, charge your cell phone, your tablet and record your film on an external recorder.

All with only one power source!!


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Our services are exclusively offered to commercial customers and not to private individuals.

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