Diopter Tray

Arri Diopter Frame 138mm (K2.0013740)

The diopter frame allows 138 mm diopters of up to +2 to be used in a lightweight matte box such as the ARRI LMB-25. The frame has the width of two 4” x 5.65” filter frames and fits into a 2- or 3-filter stage. A safety mechanism prevents the diopter from falling out of the frame during exchange, while two 1/4” threads permit the frame to be attached to an articulating arm.


Euro 325,00 (zzgl. MwSt./ex VAT)

Cinema Hardware 138mm Diopter Tray for Arri style 4 x 5.65 matte boxes

138mm Diopter Tray for Arri style 4 x 5.65 matte boxes

The 138mm diopter tray holds a 138mm diopter in a standard Arri style 4 x 5.65 matte box allowing quick attachment for close focus situations and rendering it unnecessary to tape diopters to the lens.  The tray uses two standard width filter tray slots to accommodate up to a +2 diopter. Additionally the tray has two 1/4 – 20 holes on the bottom to accommodate alternative mounting methods.

Precision machined from solid 6061 aluminum

Excellent for anamorphic lenses and lenses with short minimum focus

  • Useful for macro work
  • Fits 138mm diopters up to a +2
  • All stainless steel hardware
  • Patent pending
  • Weight 0.5lbs
  • Dimensions 8x8x1.5in

Euro 340,00 (zzgl. MwSt./ex VAT)

Schneider Full Field Diopter 138mm round - Close-Up

puhlmann.tv - Schneider Full Field Diopter 138mm round - Close-Up

Schneider Filter

Close-Up Diopter Full Field

138mm round

+0.5, +1, +2, +3


each Euro 406,00 (zzgl. MwSt./ex VAT)

Tiffen Diopter 138mm round - Close-Up Full Field

Tiffen Close-Up Diopter Full Field Filter

138mm round, Diopter +0.5, +1, +2, +3


each Euro 363,00 (zzgl. MwSt./ex VAT)

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