Screen Protector

Screen Protector by ROWA -

Acrylic protective glasses:

- 99.5% UV-resistant

- anti-static

- anti-reflective

Acrylic Protective Glass for Monitor TV-Logic 056

Euro   38,60 (zzgl. MwSt./ex VAT)

Acrylic Protective Glass for Monitor TV-Logic 058W

Euro   32,90 (zzgl. MwSt./ex VAT)

Acrylic Protective Glass for Monitor TV-Logic 071

Euro   49,90 (zzgl. MwSt./ex VAT)

Acrylic Protective Glass for Monitor TV-Logic 074

Euro   41,50 (zzgl. MwSt./ex VAT)

Acrylic Protective Glass for Monitor TV-Logic 075

Euro   41,50 (zzgl. MwSt./ex VAT)

Acrylic Protective Glass for Monitor TV-Logic 091/095

Euro   59,00 (zzgl. MwSt./ex VAT)

Acrylic Protective Glass for Monitor TV-Logic LVM 172/173

Euro  134,86 (zzgl. MwSt./ex VAT)

Acrylic Protective Glass for Monitor Sony OLED PVM-A250

Euro  220,86 (zzgl. MwSt./ex VAT)

Acrylic Protective Glass for Monitor Sony OLED PVM 2541

Euro  234,00 (zzgl. MwSt./ex VAT)

Acrylic Protective Glass for Monitor Sony OLED PVM-A170

Euro  112,57 (zzgl. MwSt./ex VAT)

Acrylic Protective Glass for Monitor Sony OLED PVM 1741

Euro  134,86 (zzgl. MwSt./ex VAT)

Acrylic Protective Glass for Monitor Panasonic BT-LH 1710/1760

Euro  112,57 (zzgl. MwSt./ex VAT)

Acrylic Protective Glass for Monitor ViewZ VZ-215PM-P

Euro  265,00 (zzgl. MwSt./ex VAT)


Zacuto Gratical HD Micro-OLED EVF

Over two years in the making, Zacuto brought five different engineering companies together to bring this newest EVF concept to life. The Gratical HD Micro-OLED electronic viewfinder uses an extremely powerful FPGA dual core processor and the latest Micro-OLED displays to provide a hugely expanded contrast range.


Key Features:


Micro-OLED Display

Our Micro-OLED display supports high pixel density with unparalleled resolution, true blacks, gamma and contrast range. The Gratical HD has 5.4 million pixels on a 0.61" diagonal screen no bigger than the size of your pinkie fingernail.



The Gratical HD includes two HDMI and two SDI ports with cross conversion from HDMI to SDI. Weather resistant covers prevent moisture or debris from getting in open ports.


High Quality - Precision Optics

You'll be amazed with how sharp the image is. The internal field of view is larger than most of the competition and features a built in -1 to +4 diopter range and Zacuto formula anti-fog coating. Auto-closing eyecup door prevents display sunburn.


Euro 2.999,00 (zzgl. MwSt./ex VAT)

Alphatron Electronic View Finder EVF-035W-3G

High Definition 3G Electronic View Finder developed and manufactured by TVLogic.



  • Magnesium Housing-Light Weight
  • Retina LCD Display; 3,54” (960x640, 16:9)
  • 160˚(H) / 160˚(V)
  • HDMI Input & Output
  • Various Scan Mode
  • Lens Shutter for protection of the EVF LCD Monitor
  • Internal Colourbar + Pluge Pattern
  • HDMI~HDMI A. Loop Through
  • SDI~SDI A. Loop Through
  • Phone Jack for Calibration
  • Waveform / Vectorscope (Firmware V.06)

Euro 1.095,00 (zzgl. MwSt./ex VAT)

TV-Logic Monitor and Viewfinder

XVM-175W : 17” Full HD Reference Monitor for Color-Critical Work Environments

The XVM-175W is a 17” version of the XVM series that reproduce highly accurate colors required by the most demanding applications. TVLogic’s advanced video processing engine and unique color calibration technology, combined with 10bit IPS LCD panel with RGB-LED backlight, makes the state-of-the-art reference monitor for professionals. All the professional features are included : Focus Assist, Markers, Waveform & Vectorscope, Timecode display, UMD, Closed Caption, Fast mode, various color standards with 3D LUT, Backlight and Gamma control, Import of 3rd party 3D LUTs and etc.

  • 17” 1920 x 1080 (16:9) Resolution
  • Matte Finish Panel
  • High-Purity Precision RGB Matrix LED Backlight Array
  • 1:1 Pixel Mapping Modes for SD/HD
  • Supports TVLogic Color Calibration Utility for proper color alignment
  • Supports Multi-point Calibration for RGB and White uniformity correction
  • Supports 3D LUT & Adjustable Gamma(1.0 to 3.0) and user-defined mode
  • Supports 3rd party 3D LUT formats for import and export
  • Firmware update by using Ethernet or USB
  • GPI (RJ45)
  • Timecode Display (VITC/LTC)
  • Waveform/Vectorscope (Y/Cb/Cr, RGB Wide type, Line waveform and Range Error)
  • Marker / User Aspect
  • Blue Only/Mono
  • X3 Zoom(PBP)
  • Key lock
  • H/V Delay
  • UMD (ANC, Manual, Dynamic & User)
  • Closed Caption: CEA- 608/708 (SDI), Line 21, ANC, OP-42, OP-47
  • Monitor control by using RS422

retail price Euro 4.622,00*

Euro 4.179,00 (zzgl. MwSt./ex VAT)

VFM-058W 5.5” Full HD Viewfinder

Puhlmann Cine - VFM-058W

The VFM-058W, the lightweight viewfinder monitor, offers an outstanding picture quality with 5.5” LCD, and Full HD resolution of 1920 x 1080. Innovative and ergonomic design of VFM-058W makes you comfortable in the shooting environment and its light solid magnesium case achieves the highest efficiency of ventilation. The VFM-058W supports multi-formats including 3G/HD/SD-SDI and HDMI that offers a wide application range from DSLR cameras to Pro camcorder for broadcasting and movie shooting. The VFM-058W has various features such as Max Brightness function, Temperature Adaptive Color, HDMI-to-SDI conversion output, 1:1 pixel mode, Luma(Y’) Zone Check function, DSLR Scale, Waveform, Vectorscope, Range Error, Focus Assist, Markers, Audio Level Meter with speaker and time code display.

  • 5.5” 1920x1080 (16:9) Resolution
  • External Acrylic Filter 
  • Magnesium Housing + Light Weight
  • LED Backlight 
  • Max Brightness On / Off 
  • Supports TVLogic Color Calibration Utility for proper  color alignment 
  • Temperature Adaptive Color
  • Focus Assist
  • Marker 
  • User Aspect 
  • Blue Only/Mono 
  • H/V Delay 
  • Various Scan modes 
  • HDMI & SDI embedded Audio 
  • True Color - True 8bit & 70% of NTSC 
  • Zoom 
  • Tally signal In/Out (Mini XLR)
  • Low Power Consumption
  • HDMI-to-SDI and SDI-to-HDMI cross conversion
  • Waveform/Vectorscope (Y/ Cb/Cr, Line  Waveform)
  • Range Error
  • 3G Level A/B
  • Luma(Y') Zone Check
  • Embedded Audio Level Meter 16ch
  • Time Code Display

Euro 1.199,00 (zzgl. MwSt./ex VAT)

VFM-055A  5.5” Full HD Viewfinder

The VFM-055A is a 5.5-inch OLED (organic LED) on-camera view nder monitor with native 1920x1080 reso- lution. It offers truly cinematic image quality with deep blacks, wide-gamut color reproduction, a very wide viewing angle, and support for multiple video formats via 3G-SDI and HDMI 1.4 inputs. Useful functions in- clude cinema camera log-to-linear LUT conversion, HDMI-SDI cross-converted output, waveform and vec- tor scope, markers, focus assist, audio level meters and more. 

• 5.5” Full HD Resolution (1920×1080 ) • OLED (Organic LED)

• Luminance up to 350cd/m²

• Contrast Ratio of 17,000:1

• Accurate Color Reproduction

• Camera LUTs support

• HDMI ↔ SDI cross conversion

• Built-in battery bracket (Sony L-series)

• Various optional Accessories

• Firmware update by USB Stick

• TVLogic Color Calibration Utility • Audio Level Meter Display

• Luma(Y') Zone Check

• Key Lock

• H/V Delay

• Time Code Display

• Various Scan Modes

• Waveform / Vectorscope 

• Zoom

• Marker

• Mono

• Range Error 

• User Aspect


• Size: 5.5"

• Resolution: 1920×1080(16:9)

•Pixel Pitch: 0.063(H)×0.063(V)mm

• Color Depth: 16.7M

• Viewing Angle (Typ.): 160o(H)/160o(V)

• Luminance (Max.): 350cd/m²

• Contrast Ratio: 17,000:1

• Display Area: 121.4(H)×68.3(V)mm

Euro 1.350,00 (zzgl. MwSt./ex VAT)

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