The new ARRI Full Spectrum ND filter serves as the front line of image control. A natural succession to ARRI’s high quality products, this external FSND filter not only provides protection but has a palpable effect on image quality.



Lindsey optics

Our latest products include the Brilliant² Rota Pol Circular Polarizer, The Brilliant² Variable ND Neutral Density Filter and the full set of Brilliant² Tray Mount Close-Up Lenses (Diopters).


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Puhlmann Cine GmbH - Tiffen

Tiffen makes filters in the USA, and each one comes with a 10-year warranty. The filters come in sizes to fit still, video and motion picture/television cameras.


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Puhlmann Cine GmbH - Schneider Optics

Schneider MPTV Filters for Motion Picture and Television applications are diamond cut from crystal clear, water-white optical glass ground and polished to a precise flatness and plane-parallelism.


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Mitomo TrueND

TRUE ND is a clear glass coated with metallic alloy film on both sides.

Manufactured under strict quality control, TRUE ND will offer you accurate transmittance and true neutrality. Troublesome infrared will also be filtered out by its flat spectral curve up to 750nm. TRUE ND is simply how ND filters are supposed to be.

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Pancro Mirrors

PANCRO's patented, high-vacuum process relates to the field of physics in the area of optics, which deals with the nature of light and image. PANCRO's investigations into this area have resulted in a scientific process and superior ND, which have been adapted to the field of cinematography and television.

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Rota-Pola - Rota-Pola

Rota-Pola Tray allows rotation of a filter in matte boxes that do not have enough rotating filter stages, or doesn’t feature any at all.

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Diopter Tray

138mm Diopter Trays

For Lightweight Matte boxes


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Viewing Filter

Puhlmann Cine - Viewing Filter

Balancing lighting by eye is a matter of experience. Decisions can be aided through the use of contrast viewing filters.


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