cmotion compact ONE - one axis lens control system

The compact ONE is an easy to use single axis wireless lens control package supplied with cmotion`s latest cforce ONE motor, ready to use on both 15mm and 19mm rods. The hand unit is ergonomic and ensures precise motor control. Selectable features are clearly displayed on the integrates 2.4" screen. The single page menu offers automatic motor calibration, digital lens limits, motor torque adjustment, direction control and run/stop command.

Set includes:

  • compact ONE hand unit + compact ONE camin
  • cforce ONE motor set* + cfast rod connector
  • 3x batteries
  •  battery charger
  • 5x marker rings
  • D-tap power cable
  • system case
  • *including: standard rod clamp for 19mm/15mm, 1x gear carrier, gears: 0.4, 0.5, 0.6, 0.8


  • ONE axis ready to use lens control system
  • easy set-up and operation
  • simple ONE page menu


  • automatic motor calibration + adjustable lens limits
  • motor torque adjustment
  • direction control
  • wireless Run/Stop command*
  • 8 selectable 2.4 Ghz RF channels
  • hardwired operation (optional cable required)


  • weight of less than 600g, compact ONE offers affordable quality and reliability where weight and bedget is crucial.
  • Run/Stop control for ARRI, Blackmagic, Canon C300/C500, Sony F5 / F55 / F65 and Red Epic / Scarlet (optional cables required). 

Euro 4.950,00 (zzgl. MwSt./ex VAT)

cmotion Wireless Focus System for ALEXA "Plus"

cmotion 2-channel Cvolution Wireless Focus System for ALEXA "Plus"

  • Cvolution main hand unit with internal antenna
  • Cvolution advanced knob to control one motor (feat. Marker light, torque adjustment)
  • Cvolution slider to control one motor
  • 2 batteries, 2400mAh, 7.2V, for hand-unit
  • Battery charger
  • 2 ARRI CLM-3 motor Sets:Fits 19mm to 15mm support rods and including 0.8 gear
  • 10 Marker rings for Cvolution knob
  • Cstrap . universal ¼” retainer neck strap

Euro 12.417,00 (zzgl. MwSt./ex VAT)

(only for ALEXA "Plus")

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